Some WordPress Plugins are Able to Make Your Site Looks Better.

We have already talked about the WordPress Plugins your sites must-have. And you know, once you want to make a site better, you need to do some tips different from others to make your site looks more humanistic and convenient. To this degree, you need to add some special plugins for your WordPress site to make your site looks much better.

1. Author Box
 It is necessary to write an author biography. The Author Box is a plugin that allows you to efficiently present a good deal of information about the author of an article within the confines of a small box at the bottom of the page. There are several scrollable tabs available that provide basic information about the author, list his recent posts, and let you connect with him or her via social media.

2. YouTube Master
YouTube Master is a simple, yet very useful plugin that allows you to display YouTube videos on your website effectively, including entire playlists and a subscribe button. It is particularly useful if you have a YouTube channel and wish to display your video library on the website. The size of the videos is adjustable and they can be displayed in any widget position.

3. Social Media Feather
 Another important aspect to consider is sharing your posts through social networks. What you are looking for here is something unobtrusive – something that is elegant, yet easily accessible. The Social Media Feather is a plugin that allows you to share your posts and pages on social networks with ease and without seeming pushy. The plugin doesn’t use JavaScript which means that it is easy to load.

4. Rating-Widget
Rating Widget is a simple, nice little plugin that provides a much needed basic function for your blog – it allows visitors to rate content using either a five star system or a thumbs up/thumbs down system. You can also have separate rating methods in place for both the article and the comments, e.g. one to five stars for the article and thumbs up or thumbs down for the comments.

5.  Smart Slider
The Smart Slider plugin gives you a truly beautiful, highly customizable and responsive slider design. You can opt for a basic slider design, where you can scroll images left and right via arrows or you can go for a more visually appealing design and add cool effects. Some slider options include horizontal and vertical accordion sliders, simple horizontal and vertical sliders and photo sliders with unique captions for each image, as well as different themes to choose from.

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