Step by Step Guide for Making a Website with WordPress.

There are a list of platforms you can opt for designing a website including Webs, Joomla, Weebly, Blogger and so on. And the one I and my friends use for making a website are always WordPress. Free with lots of themes and plugins, easy to build a site and powerful features to make the site what you want.
Today, I’d like to show you the step by step guide for building a website with WordPress easily.

1. Sign Up
Once you decide to make the website with WordPress, you need to get an account for you. Go to and sign-up with a few basic details like username, password and e-mail address. Then you can use your account to sign in your wordpress site.

2.Get To Grips With the Admin Panel
When you’re logged into the administrative part of your WordPress site, you’re presented with the dashboard that shows you key statistics and features of your site.

3. Select a Theme
As I mentioned above, there are lots of themes you can choose for your website. WordPress Themes allow you to quickly overhaul the design of your site and ensures that you can have a professional and attractive looking site without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. It is a necessary thing for your site. There are two kinds of themes: free ones and premium ones.

4. Install plugins you need
There are rich variety of the 26,000 available plugins allow you to extend the functionality and customize your site to your specifications. Some allow you to integrate with social media, while others are for navigation and “widgets” that give you new content and features.  And in the post “Free WordPress Plugins You Must-Have for Your WordPress Site” could help you to decide which plugins would be perfect for your site.

5.Create Pages
Pages allow you to create separate sections with different content about your site. You should consider the following as a minimum:
Homepage: A landing page which clearly states who you are, what services you offer, and where you are located
Contact Details: Make sure visitors is able to contact with you while there’s any misunderstanding things
Blog: A blog allows you to write original content about your specialty and cover stories relevant to existing and potential clients and peers
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about yourself, your business, and the area you operate in

Once you’ve got all your needed pages sorted, you need to put a simple navigational system in place that can help your audience to access information in an intuitive manner.
The “menus” part of the appearance section is the way to control this, so consider what positioning and content you are going to link to and how. Make sure there are no broken links and that you can navigate to every page from every page. There should also be a quick way to return home.

7. Go Mobile
Whichever theme you pick, try to make sure that your site will render correctly on smartphones and tablets. In many cases, this will be taken care of, but if not, there are a number of plugins that you can install to make your site mobile-friendly. It is essential to make sure your site is responsive for all devices.

Okay, that’s the steps for how to build a website with WordPress, if you want to get a comprehensive guide for making a website, you can takea  look with this post for 7 Steps to build a website with ease.


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